For Father’s Day, a Grandfather’s Story.
Every morning, 70-year-old Moti Singh wakes up before dawn to milk his water buffalo and sell the milk at the market.

He works on his small piece of land until the afternoon, and then goes to the forest to collect wood to build a fire in the evening. The money he makes is barely enough to feed his wife, daughter-in-law, and two grandsons.

This is not the age for Moti Singh to be working so much, but he has no other option. He should be relaxing and enjoying time with his grandkids, but instead he is working day-in and day-out to make sure there is food on the table.

Many years back, his daughter died at the age of 28, and his 30-year-old son became sick soon after. Hoping not to have the same outcome as his daughter, Moti Singh took his son to India for treatment.

For a farmer’s family, it wasn’t an easy endeavor to travel that far, and Moti Singh sold almost all of his land to pay for the journey and his medical care.

Unfortunately, the doctors were not able to cure his son, and he passed away.

Which takes us here: A few months ago, his 5-year-old grandson, Khem Raj, started feeling pain and discomfort in his stomach. Moti Singh noticed a lump in his upper abdomen.

Fearing another loss, Moti Singh took his grandson for treatment — this time closer to home. He traveled to a nearby health clinic that Possible manages through our community health program. Our Medical Director, Dr. Bikash, diagnosed Khem Raj with a hernia. Bikash recommended he be taken to our hospital to remove his lump.

Upon arrival, Khem Raj was admitted to the inpatient department, where our team performed a successful surgery. When we spoke to Khem Raj afterwards, he was eager to return back to his village and start school.

It’s clear that Moti Singh’s single hope is to provide a better life for his grandkids.

“I don’t want my grandchildren to feel they are on their own without their father.
I will make sure they are taken care of as long as I am alive.

This Father’s Day, we want to thank all fathers and grandfathers who are tirelessly working, just like Moti Singh, for their families and their health.

And you can make an impact by giving a donation in honor of your father or grandfather. It will directly support our health clinics and surgery department, so we can continue to impact the lives of people like Moti Singh and Khem Raj.

Happy Father’s Day!

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