Rebuilding the Healthcare System In Nepal’s Dolakha District

Possible’s plans for rebuilding one of the worst-hit districts in Nepal

On April 25th, in a single moment of tectonic unrest,
all of our lives changed.
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Since April, Possible has worked closely with key partners to support earthquake relief efforts. We coordinated over $25 million worth of in-kind medicine and supplies by working closely with Direct Relief, which was sent directly to the worst-hit districts.

Most importantly, we supported relief efforts without compromising the quality of healthcare we deliver in Achham District in rural Nepal — over 200 km from the earthquake’s epicenter.

Our hospital hub in Achham District.

Now Nepal is turning towards rebuilding.

Today, we signed an agreement at the invitation of Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population to rebuild the healthcare system in Dolakha District, near the epicenter of the 7.3 earthquake that struck on May 12th.

Our 7+ years of experience building healthcare systems in Nepal has prepared us for the challenge ahead. Over the last two months, our team visited the worst-hit districts to assess the state of the healthcare system, met with government partners to discuss the country’s priorities, and created detailed evaluations and proposals for each prospective district.

We decided on Dolakha, where 40% of its population now has zero access to healthcare and 87% of the its healthcare facilities have been damaged or destroyed.

We signed a contract with the Government of Nepal, and rebuilding will begin immediately. From now through the end of 2015, we’ll rebuild 21 clinics (like this one here), install solar electricity with SunFarmer, and ensure supplies reach facilities by supporting the supply chain distribution.

More importantly, these next six months will be about laying down the foundation for a long-term healthcare system that can be resilient in the face of future natural disasters, which presents an opportunity to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Be on the lookout for more updates from us as we continue to rebuild the healthcare system in Nepal. You can also directly support our work and the rebuilding of 21 clinics by giving to our rebuilding fund.

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