Our Most Powerful Images of 2015

Dec 28, 2015 · 4 min read

We wanted to show you what 2015 was all about through these powerful images.

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10. Rising Walls

We began construction to turn our current hospital into the leading rural teaching hospital in Nepal. In the wake of the tragic earthquakes this spring, our team found hope in the building up of things in contrast to the falling down of things.

9. Providing Safe Births

This year, we’ve had the highest number of safe births to date. When we opened our hospital in 2009 we averaged less than five births per month. Now we average over two per day, including this healthy newborn here.

8. Collecting Critical Data

We conducted our first digital household consensus. Using mobile phones, we collected data from over 7,500 homes to measure our impact from hospital, to clinic, to a patient’s home—which helps us rigorously improve our ability to deliver high-quality, dignified care.

7. Hiring Nepal’s First Female Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Aaradhana’s specialization meant we could take care of major trauma cases without the need to refer patients to urban hospitals. Around the world, less than 10% of orthopedic surgeons are female. The opportunity to fill a much needed gap in Nepal was a huge motive for her to join our team.

6. Human-Centered Design

We partnered with IDEO.org to pilot our Group Pediatric Care program, which draws on the strength within communities of parents to transform how they collectively raise their children and interface with and advocate for better healthcare services.

5. Solving for the Patient

We now work with 184 Community Health Workers—Nepal’s renowned group of female healthcare providers who live and work in the surrounding villages performing triage, providing primary care, and managing follow-up healthcare. Without these women, we could not be able to deliver care that is centered around a patient’s needs.

4. Scaling our Team

We can’t do great work without great people. This year, our team grew exponentially to match the demands and challenges of delivering healthcare and designing systems that can expand, scale, and be adapted throughout Nepal. Here, our team gathers for our daily morning standup meeting.

3. Digitizing Healthcare

Around the globe, our lives are increasingly transformed by technology. Our team launched Nepal’s first integrated Electronic Health Record, along with an Open ERP system, to track government reporting and supply chain management, better utilize and synthesize data, and make smarter clinical decisions.

2. Building Back Better

After moving $20MM Dollars in in-kind disaster relief, we signed a contract with our government partners to rebuild in one of the worst-hit districts post-earthquakes. Dhan Kumari, pictured here, no longer has access to healthcare close to her home after her village’s health clinic was destroyed.

1. Expanding Possibilities: Treating 300,000 Patients

We recently treated our 300,000th patient, proving it’s possible to deliver high-quality, lost-cost healthcare in one of the world’s most impossible places.


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