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Minister of Health, Gagan Thapa (center) speaks while visiting our hospital hub in Charikot.

“The first year of our partnership with Possible has been remarkable! More than 58,000 people in Dolakha received high quality free healthcare. In the coming years, we will make great strides in ensuring a conducive environment for Public Private Partnership models to flourish.”
Minister for Health, Gagan Thapa

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Following the massive earthquake on 12 May, 2015, the healthcare system of Dolakha district was devastated. Nine thousand people lost their lives, 2.5 million people became homeless and 85% of the healthcare facilities were damaged or destroyed.

Our Public Private Partnership began on 24 January, 2016. We are proud to now celebrate one year of services together. Here is our impact so far:

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Patient volume & services in Charikot Hospital prior to PPP management and after.

While Nepal has successfully utilized Public Private Partnership (PPP) model in multiple sectors, there is limited experience with PPP in healthcare. Its Constitution of 2015 guarantees the right to healthcare for all Nepali citizens, however public sector healthcare systems have been insufficiently resourced to provide for this right. …

Meet Bimala & her two daughters

I was 13 years old when I gave birth to Priya. My husband and I had gone to Kathmandu for the delivery. The doctors had then counselled that pregnancy at my age and with a hole in my heart could be fatal. Six years later, I got pregnant again.

It was my fourth antenatal checkup in the health clinic. …

In the wake of the devastating earthquakes that wreaked havoc across Nepal in 2015, Possible was faced with it’s most challenging year to date. Despite the hurdles in our path, 2016 was the most impactful year in Possible’s history.

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A historic moment in Dolakha

One of the worst hit districts, Dolakha had more than 85% of its healthcare facilities damaged or destroyed in the earthquake. On 19th January 2016, Possible signed a 10 year agreement with its partners in the Government to manage the major hospital hub in Dolakha: Charikot Hospital.

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In less than a year, we served more than 48,000 patients in our hospital hub in Charikot.

The first contract of its kind, we successfully implemented a unique public-private partnership with the Ministry Of Health where the Government is the co-funder and regulator while Possible is the overseer of management. …



Making quality healthcare possible for all.

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