Nigerian Tech Community is a Family

Exactly a week ago I hit a roadblock and I penned this article. I didn’t expect the reaction and outpouring of support I got. It’s awesomeness on steroid! This is the community of my dream, this is the Nigeria of my dream, this is the Africa of my dream, where we will embrace failure and support each other. Where we will learn from each other and avoid people coming behind us falling into same trap we fell. I believe it’s a new dawn as many people are now taking the time to pen their experiences so as to encourage others in the journey.

Next Step

I have been meeting people, sharing my thoughts and getting feedback on the way forward. It’s been a journey! I start my break tomorrow and in few weeks should be ready to take on new challenge. I will be meeting with more during my break, if you want to have a chat, drop me a line If you have anything you are going through or a project you are working on and you need feedback, please get in touch I’ll be glad to drop one or two cents or link you up with who could help.

Way Forward

As a community, we need to be more integrated, which means we will be able to see and interact physically and share our challenges in an open platform. We used to hold this between 2010–12, I think this need to be back. Before my article last week, we had scheduled a “FoundersConnect” for tech entrepreneurs within Yaba to share their experiences, form partnership and see what the future holds.

In gathering like this, most of the talks are off-record as key data with business are discussed and people provide feedback. We also connect easily as I have discovered that most times, the help we need are usually a block away from where we are but we don’t know.

If you are an entrepreneur and in Lagos, get your calendar cleared up for last Friday of every month. We can’t afford to be pushed to limit before we get help, not everyone have the staying power before shit happen. We need more success stories, and genuine success have elements of failure within it. Just send me an email or drop yours below so I can send you info.

I thank the community for the support, and I’m glad we can make the journey easier for others.

Thank you

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