One week of SWITCH! see a fellow’s growth path. Meet Dele

Dele, SWITCH! Fellow

So, we started classes last Monday and before then we assessed the level of programming experience of our fellows they barely could code. Our approach is combination of classroom and project based learning (PBL) as such, we expect to see growth after each of our classes. Oladele is one of our fellows and you can see his growth between last week Monday and now. He’s been highly dedicated and smart. He would beep me up at the middle of the night to discuss code and usually meet deadline on assignments. Watching him improve in just a week is phenomenon.

Here is his first assignment

The second here

And the most recent which is to pick a popular website and build it from scratch using ONLY sublime text 3, check it out here.

This is the journey, and we hope in 3 months, he will become a thorough-breed web developer.

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