Artificial Intelligence in News

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This week I stumbled upon an Independent article about the negative influence of artificial intelligence in politics. The writer doesn’t look into the negative outcome in general, but informs and comments on the act of winning votes by spamming people false information. In short, the author claims that machine learning algorithms and bots mislead voters by generating fake news, misleading information in such great proportions that it dominates the news feed. Also, Mr. Polonski mentions the use of machine learning in analyzing voters behavior and building psycho-graphic profiles:

“Different voters received different messages based on predictions about their susceptibility to different arguments. The paranoid received ads with messages based around fear. People with a conservative predisposition received ads with arguments based on tradition and community.”

By targeting and imposing unbiased stories, the public media will lack unbiased views. Ultimately, feeding us news that is already in compliance with our current beliefs of the world will lead to an ignorant society where we will stay narrow-minded and lack reflection. Unbiased views are what drives groups of different beliefs to hate each other. Obviously, it becomes harder to respect others views when you cannot see the motivation in other perspectives than your own.

“Every voter can be sent a tailored message that emphasizes a different side of a particular argument. Each voter gets a different Trump. The key is simply to find the right emotional triggers to spur each person into action.”

At this point, is it right to say that voters are entirely responsible for their views? Absolutely, but it is a serious issue that people throw away this responsibility by not doing their homework. It is useless to ban fake news and the problems of fake news would only accumulate by doing so. Every piece of fiction would become illegal, including what might not be, but is yet to prove (like the Bible). Also, collecting data to send profile-based content to gain profit (or votes) is a marketing technique that is here to stay.

If so, news credibility is now more important than ever. It seems that the only solution to this problem is now imposed on the individual. We will have to stop listening to robots in order to not becoming robots. What feeds the fake news industry is when people do not bother to read the content but instead share the stories with catchy headlines and shocking pictures to their network. By doing so, they pass on the responsibility of reading the article and assuring its credibility to their friends. This applies to biased news in politics, too. It is necessary to be critical to we see and not act emotionally on the first article that catches the eye, and in order to vote accordingly to your beliefs, necessary to make an effort in becoming self-thinking individuals.