How to Fix Twitter’s Troll Problem for Women in Sports (& Beyond)
Julie DiCaro

I am the father of two daughters. After reading this, I thought, “What if this were written by one of them?” The first, logical answer to come to mind was: TELL THEM TO GET OFF TWITTER.

Is it really so important, so necessary, to be on a social media platform that isn’t at all concerned for your well-being? Would your career end if you allow yourself to breathe and just walk away from this nonsense? Are there other ways to fight this battle (assuming it is your cause)?

As a freelance writer (scribing under a pen name on this platform), I understand what it’s like to read what total strangers have written about you that is incredibly cruel, yet totally untrue. The first time it happened, you know what my teenage daughter told me? She said, “Dad, these words don’t define who you really are. Just ignore them.”

Just ignore them. So simple. If you can’t, then it’s time to let it go.

I learned awhile ago that there is no cure for the disease called Asshole.

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