The Next Few Years Will Determine UFO Truth…

The debate between skeptics and UFO believers on the Government’s knowledge of UFOs will end with facts.

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Recently Stanford scientist Garry Nolan stated:

“It’s not a failure to show that something was not what you wanted it to be. It’s actually how good science is done.”

I agree and will apply this attitude toward the next few months and years of what many call “the disclosure process.”

There is no question we’re in this process; the only question is, what will be disclosed?

Mick West, the world’s most influential UFO skeptic, has the right attitude:

So, where is this all headed?

If the past five years are any indication, the disclosure process may be moving toward increased governmental transparency, giving credence to the idea that some UAP are a genuine scientific enigma that demands answers.

UFO researcher Robert Hastings who’s the world’s premier expert on the UFO and nukes connection, wrote the following shortly after the first UFO report dropped in June 2021:

“The U.S. government’s recent unidentified flying objects report is unprecedented. It acknowledges, for the first time, that some UFOs (or what the U.S. government refers to as “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”) appear to be real, ultra-advanced craft of unknown origin.

Going back 70 years, virtually every statement by the U.S. military had dismissed the phenomenon as misidentified known objects, such as weather balloons, or optical illusions, or hoaxes. Put simply, the new report is a major departure from the past policy of denial and obfuscation.”

If the following report sustains this new departure and some skeptics nevertheless hand-wave it away as a mind virus that infiltrated our military and intelligence community, they will look like conspiracy theorists.

UFO skeptics becoming conspiracy theorists is comical. If the memo is to stop trusting the Government’s UFO stance only when they give UFOs credibility, I must have missed it.

The converse is also true, of course. If the following report does a 180 from the initial one — by characterizing unresolved UFO incidents as not encompassing a scientific mystery with apparent extraordinary capabilities — I’ll be the first one to acknowledge this strengthens the skeptics’ stance.

Over the coming years, Congress will receive multiple classified UFO reports, while the public will get some unclassified ones. At minimum, future public reports will solidify whether the December 16th, 2017, New York Times article led the public astray or spearheaded a necessary shift in how journalists and scientists approach UAP.

Further, the Congressional legislative provisions include requests for information from UFO whistleblowers and a “historical record report” on the US Government’s relationship with UAP dating back to January 1st, 1945. This ensures that, in the coming years, congressional members’ UAP rhetoric will be based on verified information.

We had our first public televised UAP hearing in May this year and will have more soon. Tough questions will be asked of upcoming witnesses, and their answers will reveal what the US Government knows about this topic.

Will current and future Congressional members continue to suggest or declare that some UAP are not from adversaries as Senators such as Marco Rubio and Martin Heinrich have? Or will they instead begin to explain that the UFO issue is predicated exclusively on conventional adversarial technology, air trash, and radar spoofing?

I don’t know, but time will necessarily reveal these answers. And depending on how this unfolds, we could be on the cusp of the most significant paradigm shift in human history.

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