Logo Design Fails

Unintended and inappropriate hidden messages in logos

Hello beautiful reader, I am glad that you are here again to get some logo design tips. Today we are going to take a peek at logos with unintended, hidden an inappropriate messages.

Please note that it is not an intention of this article to criticise the work of designers. The purpose of the article is to show that a good design idea could easily be misinterpreted. This is a complementary article to The Attributes of a good logo.

Catwear logo — a clothing brand for the independent women
Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission logo
The Computers Doctors logo
Clinica Dental San Marcelino logo
HASC Center logo
Megaflicks logo
Office of Government Commerce logo (left), rotated 90 degrees (right)
Institute Of Oriental Studies logo
Arlington Pediatric Center logo
Kid Exchange logo

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