Melissa McCarthy’s New Campaign is Questionable

Melissa McCarthy recently launched her new fashion line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7, to give all women the chance to look and feel great. That’s amazing, and I commend her for this.

She noted to press that she wants to do away with the plus vs. regular size distinction because it makes women feel unworthy. That’s amazing, and commend her for this as well.

What’s questionable is how she launched her line of clothing. She launched on Macy’s and HSN, and both distribution outlets make clear distinctions between plus and regular size. In fact, you have to click on plus or regular size, or read if the clothing is plus size in the title/description before purchasing it. See below:

It’s very easy to custom build and launch your own webstore with various templates nowadays (she could have used Squarespace, Shopify, etc.) and wish she utilized an alternate partner such as one of these to sell her clothing. It takes 5 minutes to purchase a domain (~$10/year depending on the domain name)), 5 minutes to purchase a server (<$1,000/year depending on traffic), 24 hours maximum to map the domain to a server, and around 8 hours to upload everything properly to Squarespace. Very small price to pay to execute a campaign that aligns her mission with her execution.

Perhaps she is using these distribution outlets to gain mass awareness and will put out once enough people notice this disconnect, or perhaps she didn’t really mean what she said about truly removing the size distinctions. But until then, I will remain deeply disappointed how Melissa McCarthy, her agent, and the rest of her team, decided to push forward with a noble campaign with a questionable execution.

Do you agree?