After you create a great reason to email your fans / customers (remember, don’t email them unless there is something of value for their time), now it’s time to write an amazing and effective email to keep them reading.

Here are a few tips to captivate your readers:

- Keep it short. No one has time to read a long email. (Who would want to, anyway?).

- Ask questions. When you talk face-to-face with someone, you would ask them questions about their situation. Do the same in email.

- Mix up your greetings. Don’t sound like a robot. Try things like: “Greetings from sunny California”

- Be natural. Stop thinking “email marketing”, and break all the paper-writing rules from high school! You’re talking to a person, a friend. Be genuine, and show them your personality. They’ll see right through anything less than human.

Most of all, stop being selfish! It’s not all about business and profits. You should genuinely care about your readers. Be grateful that people have opted into your list. Never take anyone’s attention for granted. Everyone’s time is precious. Prove your value to your customers.