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Online advertising has picked up over the last few years so much so that now recruiters post about opening in their company only online either on their website or other job posting websites. The latter being more often visited by job searchers, most companies prefer to post their opening at online job searching portals. However, since there are many such websites available, it is better to advertise through a vacancy advertising agency which would be more cost effective, less time consuming and guarantees to reach a wider audience. Job posting through an agency is usually a three step process. First the recruiter should select the job board on which they wish to post meaning out of the several websites that have job postings, on which websites would the recruiter like the job to be posted. Second step is to advertise the job. Posting of the job description should be done within a specified time frame after step one so make sure you have the job description ready by the time step two is reached. Third step is to recruit. Once sufficient applications have been received, it is time to review each one of them and call suitable candidates for interview.

Major vacancy advertising companies have more than 50 job boards to choose from like the search engine boards, generalist boards and industry specific boards. They even offer to write the job description for the company. These agencies usually have various packages to choose from. The level of service and audience reaches as more expensive package is taken. It is claimed that by using the vacancy advertising service a company can reduce its cost of recruiting by 80% plus it is more efficient and guarantees higher chances of recruiting the right candidate.

Resources offered

Due to competition between agencies, each offers unique resources which are free to use by anyone interested to improve their recruitment process. Their in-depth research on the subject has identified certain tips and tricks which can help a recruiter advertise the job best and hence recruit the best staff. Some agencies also offer a candidate management software to keep track of all the applications according to the appliers qualification, experience, skills and other activities which make them stand out of other candidates. Major agencies also have blog support for fledging recruiters and great tips for HR personnel. Free to download templates are also available for those newbeis which are struggling to write a job description. These templates also help to save time hence even experienced recruiters should save a copy of them on their computers.

Cost of recruiting

The best recruitment advertising agency is one that has a flat or fixed rate as in this the fee remains the same if one person is hired to multiple persons are hired from a recruitment campaign. This is especially useful when bulk hires are to be made by the company. As the rate is fixed, there would be no surprise costs which can be a cause of stress and burden on budget later on.

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