10 Fashion Habits To Follow From A Young Age

Wooden Comb

A wooden comb for your hair is the best gift you could give it. It massages your scalp, it is Eco-friendly and the best of all it reduces static. This leads to less breakage, less hair fall and less split ends.

Brazilian Waxing

Even if you aren’t the kind of person who’d don a bikini without a warning, there are few things that would make you feel as clean, light and sexy (IMO) as a good B2.

Organic Cosmetics

The younger you start the better. While some brands tag themselves organic for absolutely no reason, some are really good and will have a great repertoire with your skin.

Say No To Thin Eyebrows

Always, always, always say no to thin eyebrows. Or you will never get back the treasure chest that full eyebrows are.

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