Beware! Is Your Fabric-Print Combo Making You Look Tacky?

You might be a fashionista of the highest order, might be dabbling in the latest trends, and might be going runway to street in 0.7. But hello, are these some of the mistakes you are making?

Peplum Thickness

Peplum has been around for so god damn long! It has been trending, going out, been revived and churned back exclusively for some. But the length and the fabric is something that makes or breaks it. The peplum frill is something that shouldn’t be high waist or low waist. It needs to be just right and sit in the middle. Also, a thicker fabric is always preferred to a thin one that might fall and flail about.

Wearing Bling.

There’s two kinds of bling; ‘kachra’ bling/glitter/shimmer, etc and big sequins. If you are going for the latter then you are doing something wrong. Bling is meant to look delicate, it should look like fairy dust and angel wing. NOT like a Christmas tree and Diwali lights. There is also a possibility that you will look like you have hung your kundan jewellery on you which shouldn’t be the case.

Organza Rules.

If taffeta and organza are your fave companions to looking like a cutesy ballet dancer or a regal queen arriving for a ball dance, then there are 2 rules you need to follow. Rule 1 is that these fabrics ideally should be used on the lower half of your body. Rule 2 is that if your apparel has either of these fabrics on the top half, these should be peeking out in extremely small portions. Not in the form of a huge bow or flower.

Floral Trouble

That most women love flowers is a universally known fact. However, reign in your love and do not go OTT. The floral print should be no bigger than your wrist. Also, pls don’t go matchy matchy. There’s a way and place to wear your love on your sleeve. Wearing different kinds of flowers in different colours at the same time, in the same garment is just not going to cut it.

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