The faster you react, the less you think

The title is from one of Jason Fried’s best. I think that it’s a great quote that we should never forget, and plastered on Instagram motivationals everywhere.

Sometimes we need to react quickly, but we need to be aware of the trade offs.

Reacting fast is more of a gamble, and you are 100% backing that gamble — if you lose that gamble, you have to waste time doing damage control. Reacting slowly takes the gamble away, but the opportunity might be lost.

Trade offs.

Ask me 10 years ago and I would’ve told you that fast reactions were needed mostly, because most people acted slowly and did too much thinking. Ask me now, and I think that culture has shifted 180 degrees and people do way too little thinking.

So my mindset has shifted 180 degrees as well, to try to counter the trend of fast reactions, little thinking.

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