Why do people completely lose their minds with politics?

The amazing thing about politics, is that people go to extreme lengths to convince themselves that 1 side is good, and 1 side is bad.

At best, it actually doesn’t make that much of a difference to life.

At worst, it’s all a scam that just exists to keep the “peasants” down and infighting.

It’s actually ridiculous how many people fall for this. People who I used to think were smart are wasting their time arguing over which 1 of only 2 people are less corrupt. Seriously, WTF?

It’s depressing, I thought we were more evolved than this.

I fell for it too once but now I’m proudly a political atheist. I’m not sure what kind of system should evolve from the current one, but all I know is that this system is no good, and that’s a step. For everyone else, please just shut up and vote.

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