Question: “What causes your legs to kind of go up in the socket….. sometimes I have to have them pulled out? I call it a turkey leg joint, lol”

My answer:

I am not sure what causes that for you.

Depending on how your leg and pelvis move maybe it can be addressed differently though.

The new research on pain and body movement or lack of thereof is leaning toward new paradigms; possible learning from the brain of patterns hence the need to address it cognitively as well as muscle repatterning.

So in short, easy, simplified and practical version: think about your body differently, move differently, and make sure you eat well, sleep enough, and meditate.

That seems to be the 5 most fundamental pillars of health and self care.

Then for your leg I would consider the way you do what you do most; and go for different ways to sit (different positions, breathing with different parts like belly or chest) walking more often and trying some position like swagger squats (as a natural way of sitting) or even cat-caw from yoga (let me know if you want to know more about those movements, there are somewhere on YouTube, mine or other’s) w

When someone is pulling on your leg, it doesn’t necessarily fix it.

It gets something to move but what will stabilize it after? (For you: practice some exercises)

And what will bring it back? (For you: be more mindful about your habits)

Hope that makes sense :) if it doesn’t, let me know.

Kindly and in health.


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