It’s Okay to Feel Pain.
Jon Westenberg

Such great and needed words Jon! Being a pain specialist (physical first and foremost that is in correlation with emotional) I strongly believe that people are waking up with a massive hangover with the pain concept as a taboo drug: aches, lack of movement, lack of awareness and knowledge about what to simply do to get better. Guys actually are the ones that want to get better and better at it: expressing their feeling and addressing their health rather than forcing it and pushing through the pain: NO PAIN NO GAIN IS NOT 100% accurate. Effort are needed but there are different level of physical pain. I also love the the red talk from Guy Winch on emotional pain and it’s need to be addressed (“you wouldn’t say to someone who has a broken leg to brush it off so don’t tell someone who has a depression to do that either”)

I nag this everywhere I can with live as people need repetition to get it and remember it: feelings (physical and emotional) are a messages and if you don’t listen they will scream at you. So listen! And like Anthony Robbins would say: “Focus on what’s important. Pay attention to how you are feeling. Take massive action in the direction of an improved outcome.” And I would add: ask for help to someone who can help.

Kindly in health


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