Mini rant but not too bad ;)

“Dear you

Thank you for considering me.

Just a thought though: Do you, your friends or family ever experienced pain that lasted way too long? Do you have kids or young friends that are spending hours breaking heir neck looking down. Or do you even do that yourself?

If you answered no then look harder. If you answered yes keep in mind i was in that group too; for more than 20 years. Not having answers from traditional western medicine. I have dedicated my life to feel better, to express the need I had to fulfill just to function. THIS is what I have to offer. Massage is nice and helps. I want to teach and share so much more because our world is going down the drain health wise. We think doing more will help EVENTUALLY. In the meantime I have to work on a weekly basis with people who suffered daily chronic pain for 30 years and go at it for more than a year just to balance them, fragile but better. And most of them could have had a better life just by knowing things earlier.

The money is nice and will help me develop my message to reach millions rather than thousands at the moments. BUT it’s not about money! So if you think I can help (and I know I can, even if it’s one person) then give me a chance. Give this a chance. Heck I could meet with you for an hour at your office if you are in San Diego and show you as living it is more than a thousand words. And who has time for even 300 of them lately.

Kindly in health and with loving passionate persistence

Philippe Coudoux”

This is how I feel right now.

I am really trying to be nice because my message is about health. And done people on the marketing scene know that!

I had the great honor to meet with people like Phil Phil Mershon who is an amazing guy! Dorie Clark who is an angel of powerful thinking, Kristi Hines a “composer” in writing world and so many more!

And they understand the importance of their body!

This inspired me so much!

This social media world is such an attention and focus tornado though!

I want the whole of you to keep getting better because and only then, we can level up as a society.

So once in a while, like today, my message is longer, more conceptual, engaged. (Plus I might have woke up with a dream with Gary Vaynerchuk (that’s how loud his message can go. How loud A message can go, so today I aim at loud, engaged, passionate, dedicated, … Limit obnoxious ;) )

And I got inspired by Kimra Luna too and how she put herself out there, changing the world with here passion and her powerful message.

So I need to stick my head out as well!

Well, health is not the only thing that can help, but that’s the one I am really good at, really passionate at!

So share my message, share me, my content, my videos, if you believe in this, in me, and if you find someone else to do that that’s fine! I don’t have the monopole of health! By far! But while I am here, alive and on fire, take advantage of me!

If you have any events where you know, think, believe I could make a difference, help me go there. Don’t just mention places. Help!

So many people suggested places already and I am a one man show raiding 3 kids, I can hustle and I do, but a single person only goes that far.

And beyond that: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!!!! Your body!!!! Your mind!!!! Your friends!!!! Your family!!! No specific order!

Simply learn everything you can do to feel better. And if you don’t feel better after that maybe you need another source of info, or more sources, cross references.

So apply, test, observe, change, improve!

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