F*** You, I Quit — Hiring Is Broken
Sahat Yalkabov

I will tell you one thing, but don’t feel offended :) No company hires anyone to get some specific task done. I kid you not. People get hired to fit into a society-specific hierarchy of values. Example: you are a local white male with an Anglo-Saxon last name — your role is a pillar of the micro-society in most anglophone corporations, regardless of your skills or dedication. alternatively: you are a very cheap Indian with unpronounsible names — your role is a white man’s slave. The other types just fill other voids in that collective. And who told you that you deserved anything? Allah grants provision whoever, whenever and wherever HE wills. For people like us America has one thing inaccessible for those “bricks” molded by its schooling: small business, independence. Go freelancing, spend those hours earning something, instead of trying to fit into the alien structures, Sahat. I did. You know how I get jobs, thanks to Allah? I don’t even have onsite interviews. And before the recruiter even starts, I tell him/her: $85/hr, minimum, corp to corp or 1099 only of fuck off. Actually I have an idea for a wonderful app, but I suck at back-end programming, I’m more on the security side. So write to me on LinkedIn, maybe we could syndicate a small startup: my architecture — your coding. Cloud backend first (split expenses), and then we’ll see, if it takes off. All official, LLC, registration etc. I kid you not. I have a few other ideas as well. I checked the patent bureaus — nothing of the kind. Let me know. Are you Tajik or Uzbek? I’m from the Caucasus. And I also said to the corporate America: “fuck you!”