50 Ways To Live On Your Own Terms
Benjamin P. Hardy

Benjamin, I went through some of the response you’ve received here. I’ll provide mine, and I hope it would matter.

I didn’t read your article in a day. Not in two days. I read it over a week.

It has a lot of content to consume; I assure you, I didn’t take this long because I found it boring. I found it to be far away from boring. I didn’t want to finish it in a day and get it over with, knowing that I wouldn’t be following half the things I’d read. But now, that I took a week to go through them, I’ll make sure, I follow some of them at least. For, as you’ve mentioned,

“If you have more than three priorities, then you don’t have any.” — Jim Collins

Some people have mentioned certain facts to be inaccurate, or inapt. That’s all right. We are talking about human body. And we can hardly be 100% accurate about its functioning.

I applaud you, Benjamin, for the kind of efforts you’ve put in writing this. There were many, many good points, I felt like highlighting every other paragraph.

There’s something I never do, thinking I’d make a fool out of myself. But it’s only after I’ve reached the end of my response, that I want to follow,

“Make one audacious request per week (what do you have to lose?)”

I do have something to lose: I hope I do not come up as a self-serving person in your opinion. Please trust me, I would have provided you my response anyway. Okay, so here is my audacious request:

Would you please be kind and go through my Instagram page, maybe engage with me on my posts? I assure you, they’re just about creativity and you can consume them in just a few breaths. :)


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