The Transporter Test & The Copy Problem: The Three Camps of Brain Preservation
John Smart

A more fun way to thought experiment transporter, that presumes such operates on a manipulative data rather than purely mechanical principal (e.g. quantum entanglement).

If you walked into a room that was a hidden transporter and came out a different person would you know or care? this happens all the time in surgical settings where you are put under, operated on. Does it matter if you’re under if the process takes instantly, hour, day, week? What if that process you were cryogenically frozen so eliminate drift.

If going through the transporter could like a virus scanner on a pc, scan each packet for harmful biodetector, that no conventional antibiotic/antifungal/antiparasite could do, wouldn’t you choose that? In places where malaria kill such a device could save countless. Burn victims? put them in true clean room, perhaps every hour scanning and destroying biofilms so healing happens faster. Removing amyloid plaque, heart plaque. Of course same things could be used to alter people good/bad at fundamental levels.

What if we could rewind the clock, perhaps adding a few telemorease or even surgical realtering, clone and hybridize people at an informational level, evolve to different entities even different species midway through a life.

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