Why I’m Voting for Bernie Sanders
Stacey Patel

I respect the place you are coming from and think your heart is in the right place. I too grew up poor. I think our ideals align quite closely, but our means to reach a more humane society are a bit different. Firstly, Google Voluntaryism, please, for the sake of the planet. Then look at www.bitnation.co and the work that Susanne Tarkowski Templehoff is doing to break the geographical apartheid of governance. Second, Mr. Sanders is not a “Peace Candidate” and there is not one in the current slate of candidates showing the power of the military industrial complex President Dwight Eisenhower warned everyone about. Obama was unable to end any wars or close Gunantanimo. Third, the “War on poverty”, has utterly failed under several administrations. Fourth, Chicago and Detroit are largely Democratically controlled and union heavy, are they really the model for the rest of the country? It makes me happier to know there are passionate and compassionate people concerned about the future.

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