“Amy” — your courage is inspiring.
freada kapor klein

Freada, you are a hero for stepping up for “Amy” and others in the midst of this disgusting scandal whose truth is finally oozing out of that atrocious company. As a man who has worked in software for nearly 20 years, I am repeatedly ashamed of what so many males do in our industry. I have worked with dozens of talented women in software, and gender never had anything to do with code quality or team contribution; but there were always men who just couldn’t figure out how to handle themselves when these female engineers were around them, like they were intruding upon their “boys club” — and boys is the most I’d say of them, real men do not behave this way. Perhaps Uber will only thrive in the deep red states once the dust settles.

All this is to say, thank you for standing up for this person, while she still has a chance to recover her potential, dignity, and spirit.

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