10 Best Cannabis Strains for Hiking and Camping in California

With summer in its prime, cannabis lovers are flocking outdoors. Camping and hiking offers opportunities for some of the best adventures possible with marijuana in California, and if you order marijuana delivery in California, you can find strains that will energise your entire group for healthy, nature-filled activity. So which strains promise true outdoorsy fun?

Best Strains for Hiking in California

Whether you are backpacking, camping, or just hiking through California, the last thing you need is a sedative. One of the strongest characteristics of Indica-dominant strains is their ability to put users to sleep. Sativa strains are the uplifting, motivating ones that have an opposite, wakeful effect. For this reason, choose those with Sativa-dominant genetics. These 10 strains are already hiker-endorsed:

  1. Willie Nelson

This strain is ideal for taking at the start of a hiking trail. It is immediately relaxing, yet joyously energetic and euphoric. More importantly, it stones out the body without fogging the mind. Mental focus is sharp, potency is extremely high, and pain relief is instant and long lasting. Willie Nelson is also a great strain for introspection and connectedness with spirit and nature.

2. Redwood Kush

Although Redwood Kush is slightly Indica-dominant, its name is testament to its popularity among hikers, campers, and other lovers of California’s Redwood forests. This strain promises a strong buzz, but it is warm, comforting, and perfect for campfire languishing after a long day of hard hiking. Redwood Kush is a strong relaxant but not a sedative. As such, this is a feel-good, sociable strain.

3. Black Dahlia

Black Dahlia is a hybrid famous for its ability to banish any bad mood and focus mental concentration. It is outright impossible to feel any negativity after taking it. Physically, this strain is powerfully potent and known for its painkilling properties, but it will not cause couchlock on the trail. Even so, it is preferable for bedtime use and is a good strain to take if sleeping in the woods.

4. Exodus Cheese

If you have a particularly difficult mountain to hike up, then Exodus Cheese is a good strain to have with you. It will motivate you, as well as provide the stamina and energy necessary to survive the climb, and even make excellent time too. This strain is expansive, visually, mentally, and physically. This is the strain to take when you have once-in-a-lifetime goals to achieve, which makes it perfect for endurance sports.

5. Cheese Quake

Cheese Quake is among the most popular strains for creative types. It is also physically enduring and will encourage you to face all manner of risks and obstacles you may encounter outdoors. This is one of the best strains for hiking, and it may even help you slay some very real dragons along the way. Cheese Quake is exceptionally potent and its THC levels are notoriously high.

6. Orange Crush

Every true cannabis connoisseur loves a bud of Orange Crush in the morning. This is possibly the most loved strain for hiking, camping, and every other outdoor activity one can imagine. Orange Crush is a superb Sativa with the sweetest taste, but it is also one of the most cerebrally and physically energizing strains available today. Avoid before bedtime, unless you need to hike through the night.

7. Cinderella 99

Active people enjoy Cinderella 99 immensely. It is a long lasting strain with powerfully energizing effects, and it promises a fantastic experience for hikers and campers wanting to connect with nature and all its magical secrets. This hybrid strain will keep you going happily for miles, chatting contentedly with fellow hikers and forest elves, or potentially ‘discovering’ a new species of plants and animals.

8. Golden Goat

Golden Goat is another Sativa-dominant strain ideal for high activity. It is almost criminal to smoke this strain indoors, and on rainy days, it will do nothing to keep you warm and dry. In fact, you will find yourself outside having the time of your life doing whatever you come across that needs doing. Golden Goat is a busy strain much loved by hikers, campers, and extreme sportspeople worldwide.

9. Blue Dream

This hybrid turns even dog walking into high adventure. Blue Dream is highly potent, and just a few puffs will make your hike a fairytale wonderland free of insurmountable obstacles. Forests literally transform under your eyes after a hit or two of Blue Dream, which will give you the energy and focus to explore every nook and cranny, likely several times over.

10. Alaskan Thunder Fuck

If you go into the woods with Alaskan Thunder Fuck, have a compass or some navigational tool with you at all times. As its name implies, getting lost is a real possibility. At least you will have the best hiking trip of your life in the process, as Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a powerful Sativa with some of the most motivationally energetic effects of all cannabis strains. Swimming, fishing, flying? This strain will do it.

Medical Marijuana Delivery Online

If you are planning a hiking and camping trip with a difference, then these strains certainly guarantee unique times ahead. Most, if not all, of these strains are available at your local cannabis dispensary, but if you are a legitimate patient, then you can order medical marijuana delivery online in California and receive it within 45 minutes for any unplanned, impromptu hiking trips too.