Poll — Marijuana is A Better Pain Reliever Than Opioids but Not Safer for Pregnant Ladies

The truth is that there are quite a lot that has been going on in the world of pain relievers ever since medical marijuana got absolutely decriminalized and legalized in the majority of the states and in a few European countries as well. Not only had this a massively beneficial effect on the local economies, but it also introduced a brand new way to deal with chronic pain.

What is more, according to current polls and studies marijuana slashes opioids rate impressively. It is obviously safer to use marijuana than opioids if you want to get rid of different symptoms of severe conditions which would usually cause chronic pain. A lot of medical professionals actively incentivize to use marijuana than opioids as it is the far better way. 
A recent poll released a few days ago revealed what the people of the USA think about this. They think that it is safer to use marijuana than opioids if you want to relieve pain. What is more, they are also far less comfortable when it comes to children and pregnant women who have to treat the same medical conditions.

The results are interesting
At least two-thirds of the people who took part in the survey answered that different opioids such as OxyContin and Vicodin are effectively a lot riskier to use in comparison to medical marijuana. They also think so regardless of whether the pills are actually prescribed by a doctor.

Only 20% of them responded that marijuana is riskier than those medicaments while the rest weren’t so sure about it.

The truth, however, is quite alarming. Every single day in the USA 91 people are killed because of an overdose of prescription drugs or heroin. What is more, a legion of people is figuratively back from the death after tremendous medical efforts. About 2 million people are hooked on those pain-relieving pills. This is absolutely smashing in terms of statistics. And, obviously, measures are about to be taken.

Last week, the current president Donald J. Trump effectively scheduled an opioid commission to actively look into the issue.

The facts about marijuana
On the other side of the matter we have medical marijuana. It’s absolutely not fatal and that has been scientifically proven. While doctors do not prescribe it for pain, a lot of the states allow such usage but you need the written recommendation of a specialist to purchase it legally. 83% of the participants in the survey said that this herb should be absolutely legal for medical treatment.

However, 70% of them were particularly unsure whether pregnant women should be using it or not in order to reduce pain or nausea, even though these are well-known benefits of the plant. The same thing happened when they were asked about children as well.

The answers regarding the policies which are to be implemented when it comes to the usage of marijuana were also a bit double-sided. 30% believed that Trump should be as tough as Obama when it came to it while another 30% said that he needs to approach of a harder line. The remaining weren’t exactly sure.

In any case, there are quite a lot of different things that need to be taken into account when it comes to the legal statute of marijuana and Trump needs to decide what direction is he going to be taking. There has yet to be any action on behalf of the DOJ or any other federal agency in order to crack down certain states which are effectively violating the CSA (Controlled Substances Act) which bans the usage of pot regardless of the purpose. 
28 states have effectively nullified the consequences of the CSA by allowing recreational usage of marijuana for chronic pain and PTSD amongst other condition. Of course, in order to do so, one would have to have a written recommendation by a doctor, which isn’t hard to get.

The truth is that the states which moved with the legalization of pot actually benefited tremendously. They managed to get a lot of tax returns and the business has generated more than a billion dollars in revenues, which amounts to a massive amount of taxes for the feds. It’s obvious that this is having a positive effect on local economies as the industry is also opening quite a lot of job positions. This is something which needs to be taken into perfect consideration and it is undoubtedly one of the things that the administration needs to emphasize on. Marijuana ought to be legalized nationally, according to the opinions of the masses who took part in the recent poll. This is definitely going to put the administration in an odd position and we are yet to find out what’s going to follow.