Pros and Cons of Marijuana Use

Frequent marijuana users are wondering if taking it daily is overkill. Millions of people consume cannabis every day without concern, but others worry about possible health problems that may arise from doing so. Is there an answer? Is daily consumption of medical marijuana safe? If it is, should you do it? What are the pros and cons of marijuana use? Read on to find out:

Advantages of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana contains terpenes, which are organic molecules scientists are finally studying. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, their findings are miraculous: Terpenes are able to treat and cure an array of health problems, from mild to severe and even terminal. Consider these four advantageous effects of marijuana:

1. Reduced Pain

For centuries, people have been using cannabis to treat an array of health problems, particularly discomforting ones. From menstrual cramps to severe pain, significant pain relief is but one of the notable effects of marijuana.

Furthermore, it has none of the deadly side effects so commonly associated with many prescription painkillers and over-the-counter medications. For those coping daily with painful conditions, this is especially attractive. It is even effective to treat drug addiction with cannabis.

2. Fewer Doctor Visits

The Boston Medical Center compared the number of times marijuana users visit the doctor versus those who do not take it. Consumers are very unlikely to need their physicians more. In fact, it is more probable that they will need to go less often, as medical marijuana treats illness and boosts immunity.

3. Enhanced Creativity

Marijuana is renowned for its ability to stimulate creativity. In fact, many creative professionals use it daily for this exact reason, including artists, musicians and actors. Although weed cannot make you creative if you are not, it can help you think of new ideas.

4. Regulates Appetite and Blood Sugar

Obesity is less common among marijuana users than those who avoid it. According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, it lowers insulin levels and thins the waist because it promotes a healthy eating pattern and prevents blood sugar spikes from skipping meals.

Disadvantages of Medical Marijuana

Although users enjoy the healthy effects of marijuana and its advantages, there are some cons to consider, as well. Being aware of the disadvantages can help you become more health conscious about the way you use it and why. There are many ways to consume cannabis, and even more strains. Remember this when you consider these four disadvantages:

1. Increased Respiratory Issues

Marijuana smokers are at risk of respiratory illness. You do not have to smoke cannabis, but if you do, then you may suffer from higher levels of sputum, wheezing, severe coughing, and chronic bronchitis. There is some evidence to suggest that frequent smoking can lead to respiratory cancers.

2. Long-Term Lung Damage

Once again, smoking can damage your lungs. According to the American Lung Association, the risk may actually be higher in marijuana smokers than among those who only smoke cigarettes. Weed smokers inhale deeply and hold the smoke in for longer, exposing them to more tar than tobacco.

It is for this reason that many marijuana users choose to take it in other forms. They vaporize and eat it. Some swallow tinctures and oil. Avoiding smoking can give you all the medicinal effects of marijuana without damaging your lungs.

3. Elevates Heart Rate

Research indicates that regular marijuana use can increase resting heart rates. Although this poses no real threat to healthy people, it can be dangerous for those with arrhythmias, heart disease, or a family history of cardiovascular problems. If you are at risk, discuss it at length with your doctor.

4. Disrupts Learning

It is possible for marijuana users to have some difficulty with problem solving and verbal learning. This is only a risk in cases of excessive use. These disruptions can last as long as three weeks after ceasing to use cannabis, and are especially common among those who use very large amounts at a time.

Final Thoughts

The effects of marijuana vary from person to person. The decision to use it, especially on a daily basis, is a personal one that only you can make. The benefits far outweigh the risks, however, and medical cannabis is highly advantageous to health and happiness. Consult with your doctor about the many ways that medical marijuana can help you.