How Many Countries Have Legalized Medical Marijuana and Why?

Whenever, we talk about the marijuana legalization, countries who have legalized medical marijuana are getting positive results in the benefits. This raises a question, why isn’t it legal everywhere? Legalizing marijuana isn’t as easy as signing a bill. It follows a process of votes and passing laws. Here are the countries who have legalized medical marijuana and who have joined the cannabis revolution.

Reasons for marijuana decriminalization

The very first reason why people are against making marijuana legal everywhere is because they are misinformed. They think marijuana raises criminal activities and addiction. Cannabis does not have the chemical structure to cause withdrawal symptoms. However, this doesn’t mean, that people who are prone to addiction are safe either.

The Countries Who Have Legalized Medical Marijuana

United States is not the first country to see a clear connection between quality of life and the legalization of marijuana. There have been many countries before the US that have legalized medicalmarijuana and are raking in the health benefits of cannabis. Most notably is the Netherlands. This progressive country has not only legalized medical marijuana use, but recreational use as well. In Switzerland, for instance, you must be over 18 and can only carry 10 grams or less on you.

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