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It’s 2019, every entrepreneur aspirant has heard about MVP. Everyone is talking about building Minimum Viable Product (MVP). But is everyone doing it right?

MVP seems like a simple idea at first but many seem to have understand it wrong. In the name of building ‘minimum viable’, most of the times people are building minimum but not viable products. The philosophy that is supposed to help you cut down waste early, often ends up producing another waste.

There are three questions one need to ask about MVP: What, Why and How. …

Today I got mail from Locus team, it was invitation to a hackathon named Hack-a-week. It immediately caught my attention as it had something unusual. It had long list of email address in the ‘to’ field.

I got curious about number of email address, I immediately copied all the email address, opened irb(Interactive Ruby Shell) and typed these two comands.

emails = “<all copied emails>”

and the result was 486, They had just handed me 486 email addresses, I could spam in future. I quickly replied them, “thank you for those 486 emails”.

I started thinking, how would have non-programmer counted that!
After pondering a few minutes, I realised that: had I pasted all those email in any spreedsheet, it would have made 486 rows. …

Hello there, I am software developer. I am frustrated that people don’t want to pay the price for software I develop. I hate that people don’t value my effort.

Irony is I don’t avoid pirated software.

I want to be full time blogger, I want to have some paid content in my site and want to charge people for subscriptions.

Irony is I search for free pdfs of every book I want to read.

I want to have my own startup and hire some awesome talent.

Irony is I don’t want to join someone else’s startup as an employee as I think they are too unstable and may go out of business any time!

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The quotation in the picture above is wrong!
Life is not just a journey, it is also destination.
Life is both about achievements and how you achieve it. It can’t be just about how you do things! It also has to be about what you achieve!

Story 1: A thief goes to a house, he steals, no one knows. He is safe. He can now happily enjoy whatever he stole.

Story 2: A thief goes to a house, owner caught him stealing. He was beaten to death.

What is a journey and what is a destination in above mentioned stories? Is how thief steal a journey and consequence(getting caught or not) the destiny?
Aren’t all those things just life of thief! …

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In everyone’s student life they had a guy in a class who would remind teacher to check their home-works. What’s the nick name for that guy? chatur?

Chatur, but why? Chatur means one who is very clever. Is that guy clever? What sort of cleverness is that of being unfavorable to class?

Nevertheless, the character from the movie had some inspirational traits:

He was ambitious:
His willingness to do anything to come first in class was noteworthy. Consuming bhangali baba’s churan, distracting other students with magazines were some of the tactics he applied to fulfill his ambition.

He grabbed every opportunity:
Did you forget the speech he gave on teacher’s day? This was not the only occasion he grabbed his opportunity, he even utilized his visit to India and tried to fulfill his revenge with Rancho. He made rancho sign the contract that would declare himself as winner. …

Do you want to be successful? Yes, who doesn’t ?
Let’s not move to argument “what does success mean to you?” but let’s move on to some common things absolutely necessary for success.

To be successful you need to work.
To work you need inspiration.

And that’s what we will talk about: INSPIRATION

Everybody loves getting inspired. Every now and then we try to find new book or video for inspiration. It just fills us with vigor and hope to do anything we want.

After reading many inspirational books, I have started getting a stupid feeling that I can write one too! …

In the crowd of unknowns, your eyes are looking here and there, searching for someone you know. You just look like a child in busy market who just got separated from his mother. Totally lost… and then suddenly, you see a familiar face or maybe just someone who smiles back at you. That’s it, you have found someone you can talk to. You go near, start talking to one you just saw and then other and then another. You soon feel you are part of crowd now. Everyone looks friendly, You feel so good.

The crowd that looked scary few moments ago is no more scary. You have new friends with whom you can exchange thoughts. …


Prakash Poudel

Full stack Ruby On Rails developer | Game development Enthusiast | Meditation Practitioner | Leapfrogger | Aolie

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