A Powerful meditation technique 

Put together by myself, inspirred by OSHO’s teachings

Out of all the benefits of meditation, submission is one of my personal favorites.

You meditate on submitting to the universe knowing whatever it puts in your way is out of love and will eventually benefit you. This practice has been a very powerful practice for me, adding depth to my life and helping me see good in anything that comes my way.

Often times we try to control the situation because our mind is not capable of comprehending with all that is out there; Instead we try to control it in a way that matches our way of thinking(or our comfort zone). With this meditation you give up your control and start to truly know that everything is going good for you without you needing to interfer; That earth will change its rotation to protect you, feed you and cloth you. Sustain your existence. You will start to experience all that is happening to you is pure love and is needed for your growth.

There is a beautiful poem by Rumi that says:

ما نبودیم و تقاضامان نبود

لطف تو ناگفتهٔ ما می‌شنود

We weren’t part of existence and didn’t mean to be, your love brought us here and heard our non-spoken words.

This is how universe works … It hears you … and does everything out of love, whether you label it good or not.

It helps if you already are experienced in meditation.

Get into your meditation posture, close your eyes and meditate on emptiness. Allow yourself to sink in for a few minutes and park every though with an exhale. Start to see your aura, see yourself as a magnet and your aura is the electromagnetic field around you that is generate by the magnet that is you. meditate on aligning all the dipoles in your body. all the molecules in your body are getting aligned with this field and your aura is getting thicker and fuller. now meditate on Earth’s electromagnetic field. picture yourself getting aligned with Earth’s filed. your own electromagnetic field and earth’s electromagnetic filed are getting aligned. Meditate on this for a long time. See earth guiding you and you accept. See earth moving you and you accept. Know that everything is going good for you, that earth is getting out of its way to take you to the place you need to be. Trust it and go with it. Meditate on this feeling.

slowly shift your focus to your surrounding and slowly come out of your meditation.


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