Resonance and Breathing

Personal Fascination

Capacitor & Inductor circuit

It was my second year of college and I was at an electronic circuit design class. I was probably 19. The Professor was talking about oscillation and energy transfer from a source to different elements of a circuit. To be honest, I didn’t understand most of it, but he said one thing that for some reason stayed with me long after college.He said, in a lossless environment, a charged capacitor connected to an inductor can continue to oscillate at its resonance frequency.

Energy oscillates back and forth between the capacitor and the inductor(coil) periodically. That blew me away! The fact that it can possibly oscillate forever and send and receive energy periodically captivated me. It has been more than 10 years and I am still fascinated by that concept; except, now I have found a similar concept in real life that goes beyond just electronic circuits.

Physics and Resonance

In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with different amplitudes at different frequencies. Resonance frequency is the frequency at which the response amplitude is highest. At this frequency, even a small periodic driving force can cause large oscillations, because the system is now able to store energy.Resonance occurs when a system is able to store and transfer energy easily. However, there may be losses from one cycle to another; friction is one example of a loss of energy.Essentially friction causes oscillations to dampen and gradually die.In a lossless environment, if a force is applied to a system at its resonance frequency, the system is capable of oscillating forever.

Breathing and Oscillation:

I tend to think breathing is an oscillation: inhale-exhale, repeat. It is sort of like a pendulum. It is also interesting to note that we breathe at different frequencies, when we sleep, the frequency is slow and when we run, for example, the frequency increases and the amplitude is much greater. Whether fast or slow, breathing is periodic: inhale-exhale, inhale-exhale, etc. Essentially, breathing is an alternation of two states, push & pull, transfer in and transfer out. While inhaling you basically bring air in and while exhaling you transfer the air out.Breathing is an oscillation that has different resonance frequencies depending on what we are doing in that particular moment. Physics tells us that every oscillating system with resonance frequency can receive and transmit energy. Does this energy transfer happen when we breathe?Are we aware of this? Do we experience this but we are so busy with our lives that this goes on unnoticed?

Our Universe

Our universe makes all these frequencies, big or small, possible. Our universe is a container of a wide range of frequencies and at the same time is one with all these frequencies. To clarify, in Christianity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all different faces of one thing, called God. In Islam, Allah has many adjectives(merciful, compassionate, etc) but he is one with all of them. Many faces that are all variations of one thing.I like to see our universe as one frequency driving all these other frequencies; I tend to think it is possible to resonate with that one frequency; Send and receive energy; Connect to the universe and receive the cosmic energy. I call that the state of pure bliss, pure consciousness; the state where there are no thoughts and the ocean of the mind doesn’t have a single wave.

Life’s Frequency

Breathing is more than just getting the oxygen from the air, what it does is way beyond just the biological aspect of our bodies. A lot more happens … with every breath, there is a new sending and receiving. We can be born anew with every breath … We can start to shift towards this infinite source of energy with every breath …

I like to call this life’s frequency. We are born with this frequency yet we never try to find it in us. We have to remove layers and layers of bias, dogma & culture to rediscover this frequency. Finding this resonance frequency requires a major journey inside, a lot of observation of what happens inside. Whether we are Darwinians or not, we are all here because of our universe and just like children inheriting physical traits and behavioral tendencies from their parents, we have inherited a lot of things from our universe. Life frequency is one of them. Once found and practiced, our lives will never be the same, our level of energy will never be same, mind capacity will never be same. Our true limitless potential is achieved and with every breath more bliss will flow in and out.