The Ever-Present Invisible Beloved

Pouria Montazeri
1 min readFeb 14, 2017


photo: Pouria Montazeri

the steam of sadness that arises from the hot rock of neglect

permeates the heart and guides and stretches it

with its invisible hands toward that which

cannot be forgotten.

the bird of my heart with its two wings of love

is drunk and dizzy by the constant smashing of itself

into the rib cages of limitation.

these burned, fallen, and disheveled feathers that

you see covering the bottom of this temporary cage of mine

in an aura of bittersweetness

have secrets to tell.

and my curved bent back and tilted head as I stand and walk on this earth

are not what they seem.

it’s the shape of my embracing the ever-present invisible Beloved

whom I Love deeply.