This Beautiful Longing for Home

Pouria Montazeri
3 min readMar 16, 2017


Deep suffering is a longing for Home!

In bygone ages when people were grounded and their lives were simpler,
when hearts, intuition, dreams, and the secrets of nature guided their paths,
and the Wise amongst them healed and led:

Suffering was just an expected and accepted part of life and its tolerance, an accessible innate quality.

photo: Pouria Montazeri

It was when people were inherently embodied and did not need reminders about their God-given attributes,
When friendships were an organic way of connecting, caring, and resonating,
When poetry was the language of the heart and hearts communicated so ever deeply and silently free from the gravity of time and space,
When the only stories that existed were folklore created by the Wise who came before to map the journey,
When wisdom was experienced and not memorized or regurgitated,
When humility, respect, consistency of character, altruism, and unconditional love were considered high qualities and honored amongst people,
When no one was left to grieve and mourn alone,
When lives were lived and not analyzed by the constant chasing of one’s tail creating the illusion of movement,
When people were instinctive listeners and were keen on hearing and paying attention to the meaning behind the spoken words,
When victims were only those devastated by wars, natural disasters, and evil hands, and even then, no one identified so closely with it,
When blaming was not such a celebrated and encouraged escape tactic,
When people only spoke when they needed to and when they did grounds would shake, for they used their own words arising from their hearts,
When people’s understanding of shame was the authentic intuitive wisdom stemming from the core of their being and had nothing to do with its modern manufactured counterpart,
When spiritual and psychotherapeutic establishments were not yet created to benefit from such natural rising and falling of life as it is,
When the consistent naming of things had not yet veiled the profound simplicity of life,
When the materialists had not yet coined the term “spiritual bypassing” to instill a bottomless inner doubt of all that is Sacred and Unseen,
And when honoring the uniqueness of everyone was not yet overshadowed by the ethnocentrism of modalities and philosophies…

People were happier and more attune and in tune with nature, both within and without. Love, compassion, and respect flowed through and in between them naturally and lives were more meaningful.

Hearts knew that suffering and pain were simply a longing for Home. People sought meaning within themselves and did not busy themselves manipulating the forms to conform to the passing norms of the day.
Confidence was thus given its natural birth. Esteem blossomed effortlessly from within. And happiness was not a thing to achieve. Contentment resided in the core of their beings while the winds of life came and went, as they always have and will.

Friend, be happy that you are suffering. It’s the cry of your own heart for you. Changing the form will never get you to the meaning. There are only a handful of days left. Why spend so much time and energy on that which will start to rotten only moments after the One you’re longing for leaves?