Support Driven Writing Challenge. Pt.4 Support Stack

Daria Nifontova
Dec 6, 2016 · 2 min read

The fourth week of Support Driven Writing Challenge is here and the topic is Support Stack.

Here at Wrike, Support comes in all shapes and sizes, much like feminism, cookies and kitties— all the best things in the world. The diversity also shows in all the channels we use for communication: some of the channels are more popular and others we only work with couple of times in a year, but they are still there.

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So let’s start with the most popular channels we use. Our very main three channels that we work with all day every day are:

  1. Email: we use Zendesk to keep track of all of the incoming emails, split them into manageable chunks and distribute them in the fastest way possible. Allows us to work on complex cases, gives us time to check and re-check everything before we get back to the user.
  2. Chats: our most busy and my favorite channel of all. Chats are quick, chats allow you to have the pleasure of real-time conversation without the stress of taking on the phone and chats are what we do well.
  3. Phones: our average response time on phones is 13 seconds across all shifts, so if you feel like you have something urgent you need to solve, phones may be your choice.

But other than that three channels, do we do anything else?

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Public channels: Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are usually taken care of by a dedicated person on each shift. that was my job when I was hitting the queue.
Google Play app reviews: while iOS App Store does not allow to answer the comments, Google does, and so we have a custom Zendesk setup allowing us to respond to them directly from the ticket queue.
Blog post comments: if we feel we may be needed, we jump right in.

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Seeing a new Slack message during a peak time

And then comes biggest of them all which is our internal support. That means that we are getting messages and questions from Sales team, Customer Success, Billing department and many more: we use Slack for primary internal team communication (and Zoom if you’re nasty). All in all, just throw it at us — we can deal with it.

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