Support Driven Writing Challenge. Pt.5 Day In The Life

The fifth week of Support Driven Writing Challenge is here and the topic is Day In The Life.

Dec 7, 2016

11 am — wake up, spend next 20–30 minutes in bed checking social media, my sleep tracker
11:30 am — make and eat breakfast and read a book (I’m currently reading “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara and it is breaking my heart). I now started timing myself when I eat, so that I’m not spending 10 minutes eating and next 40 re-checking Instagram
12:00 am — shower, then folding laundry and picking OOTD (it was t-shirt and jeans, SURPRISE)
12:30 am — Reading again, because I want to finish the book until the end of the week. I’m on page 600.

1pm — I go get some cash to pay for water delivery later and buy a bad of jelly donuts cause they’re there and my willpower is not.
1:30pm — Reading again. Cry a little, cause for God’s sake, this book is unbelievable.
2pm — My workday starts and today I’m working from home, so zero commute time. First thing first and I check my email, Slack and Wrike Inbox.
2:30pm — First 1–1 of the day
3pm — Scheduling calls for the rest of the week and trying to keep up with my bullet journal (Chelsea, it’s amazing!). Talked to colleagues how we want to proceed with the interviews with candidates. Help agents work through the queue and talk to HR some more.
5 pm — I got invited to our Analytics team meeting so I spend next 30 minutes thinking I really should have worked more on my math skills in school. 
5:30pm — quick lunch: instant noodles, cinnamon pull apart bread and a clementine.
6pm — My Internet provider decides I don’t need to work anymore and switches the Internet off for the whole building. ETA is 30 minutes, so I work from phone for the next 30 minutes.
7pm — I never should’ve trusted them in the first place. Jumping into Uber and going to office after all.
7:30 pm — Checking tomorrow’s agenda for my own 1–1 with my manager, quickly finishing tasks I have to get ready before the meeting, preparing my notes and updates for agents that I wanted to discuss with her.
8pm — Discussing tickets and cases with the team. It’s our peak time, so usually from 6 pm to 10 pm is when it gets hot for me with all the questions.
8:30pm — Quick call
9pm — Writing this post :D

My idol.

Now the day is not over yet, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it will go: I will finish the post, check the schedule for tomorrow, prepare notes for the monthly team meeting we will be having tomorrow, walk through several tickets with agents and by 10 pm my work day is over. 
After that I will drive over to my friends’ house and we’ll go through the photos of the trip they took last month to LA and NY and then other friend’s trip to Rotterdam. There will be pizza and if not, I will be leaving early. Then I’ll go home, read some more and make a list of all of the things I will need to do tomorrow.

And then it will be Dec 8.

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