I’m not sure but my boyfriend thinks that i am going through depression.
Rupal Maheshwari

Rupal have you read about culture shock before? It doesn’t mean what people think it means. I lived in another country for a year and loved the first 6 months or so, but then the novelty wore off and I started getting very negative thought patterns. Apparently this is a common thing. When I came to a second country they held talks about this and I understood I had suffered this. I put in a lot of effort to avoid it a second time.

I solved it by forcing myself to be social and get a number of friends. Being abroad you don’t have your regular network and so you need some good friends as subsitute to handle the ups and downs.

You’re issues might be entirely different, but perhaps you should read up on culture shock. It always helps mentally when you realize what your problem is. That gives optimism that there is a way out, that you can get better.

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