Yes ok, I’m in China.

I’m suffering an oddly low amount of culture shock. Perhaps it’s my blasé and trusting attitude toward people I don’t know. I’m a hugger — please allow yourself to physically come into contact with me as often as you are comfortable — and the Chinese appear to have less of a taboo on entering one another’s personal space. You know, the canoe shaped void surrounding each individual, into which you do not enter. There seem to be no laws against jaywalking, and very few laws apply to bicycles. Here, bikes are the royalty of transport. They go whatever direction they like on the road, nobody wears a helmet, they ride down specially-built ramps into underground malls and underpasses, and ride chaotically among pedestrians, dinging bells every so often. But I am yet to see a collision between any two entities. This invisible system works.

Very few people speak English here, so I have often been using Google Translate, and am usually presented with something like this:

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