by Shreya Ila Anasuya

A person with long black hair sits up in bed, under a blanket, in a bedroom, reading a book.

Skin Stories launched in August 2017, as a digital publication focusing on first-person narratives by people with disabilities. Its origins were in an unnamed blog, part of the Sexuality and Disability programme at Point of View.

After over a year of publishing our essays — during…

by Riddhi Dastidar

A person sits at a table and reads a book. Behind them, a person reads a newspaper and another draws up window blinds.

‘He called today because he couldn’t remember what year it was.’ Sonam Luthra* is talking about Kabir Chadha*, an inpatient at VIMHANS — Delhi’s leading private mental healthcare institution. Chaddha lives with schizophrenia. …

by Archismita Choudhury

Light purple background. Two women are standing holding hands. Behind them is a wall with many framed pictures.

The room I grew up in has changed a lot in the five years since I left my home in Guwahati. The ceiling fan doesn’t work any more, the bed has luggage strewn all over it. The curtains are different — with mundane-looking yellow and blue stripes…

by Akshita Nagpal

An illustration of two people seated across a table in a room and having a conversation. One of them is signing to the other.

In a classroom among the many in a three-storey Noida building, 27-year-old Shweta Goyal teaches nearly 40 pupils, aged between their late-teens and early twenties. There’s no spoken word as Goyal teaches what she herself learnt only last year — Indian Sign Language (ISL). Her learning of…

by Madhavi Shivaprasad

Three persons, one holding crutches, performing stand-up comedy to an audience. Text above the venue’s entrance: Comedy Night

‘Mujhe na stand-up karne ke liye bulate hain dus minute ke liye, paanch minute baithne mein lag jaate hain.’ (People call me to perform stand-up comedy for ten minutes, but it takes me five to just sit on stage.)

This is how comedian Sweta Mantrii begins most…

by Tanika Godbole

A comic strip with seven panels.

Image description:

The image is a comic strip with seven panels.

In the first panel, a person is shown being punched from both sides by two thought bubbles. One is these is red and the other is blue. …

by Debojit Dutta

Against a pair of large open palms, a small child and a person with long hair face away from each other.

‘There is a crack, a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.’

Leonard Cohen, ‘Anthem’

The safe spaces of my childhood were not in the rooms of my house, or any house for that matter. During regression therapy, when my former therapist asked me to…

by Niluka Gunawardena

A number of people (each wearing a device or prosthetic) stand together against the background of a futuristic city.

‘Bet they don’t sell those at H&M,’ is probably what she thought while peering into my bag. I was humming tunelessly — oblivious to the peering, as I was to the staring — until my little sister pointed it out. So we stared back. …

by Akriti Paracer

Three people raise their fists in protest, against a background which is a collage of newspaper headlines.

‘Can a dyslexia programme help a 40–50 year-old child?’ said Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a chuckle to a gathering of students at IIT Roorkee. This was a tasteless statement in which he was alluding to his political rival, Rahul Gandhi.

It shouldn’t come as a shock…

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