Interview with Scoops

Dublin group Scoops set for European Tour

Following their successful EP launch in Whelan’s late January, I went to meet Scoops at their rehearsal studios in Drumcondra on a freezing cold February evening to discuss their recent EP and what’s next for the group.

If you have not heard of them, you will soon. After touring with Walking On Cars, Hudson Taylor and Keywest, the three piece Dublin based band are making waves in the music scene. Scoops are solely about music making it their full time job and are extremely passionate about what they do. The group consists of Stephen Cooper on lead guitar and vocals, Stephen O’Rourke on drums and Kevin Murphy on guitar.

Scoops have recently released their first EP ‘Scenes of Joy’ and describe their music genre as a mixture of pop/rock/acoustic/indie. (However, Kevin jokingly said the bands genre is reggae.) It is without a doubt their own original and unique sound that is attracting crowds in venues across the country. O’Rourke said: “we are not rewriting the musical world but it is our sound without a doubt.”

Cooper started off on his own before the band, writing songs and playing gigs. After meeting Stephen O’Rourke on a J1 they decided to join forces becoming a duo and six months later Kevin joined them. O’Rourke knew Kevin beforehand from college and wanted him to be involved and so the band was finally complete. Scoops immediately started recording songs and tried to get as many gigs as possible to make themselves known.

‘Scenes of Joy’ has four tracks and the name comes from a song on the EP. Cooper explained the song was written after a great day out with his mates some years ago, describing it as “a random day out on a session.” O’Rourke said that positivity is a running theme throughout the EP and the songs really give listeners an introduction to the band’s sound. I asked whether a full album will be released soon, Cooper said they are not going to rush with the release of an album and another EP will be out first. He said many bands, for example Coldplay, released three EP’s before releasing a full album. The boys are going to be touring the EP this year in Ireland, the UK and, interestingly enough, Scandinavia.

Scoops have been lucky enough to tour with Walking On Cars, Keywest and Hudson Taylor. I asked who their favourite was to tour with, Cooper enjoyed touring with Keywest as they spent a lot of time on the road with them and said “we got to know them best.” Scoops toured the UK and Ireland with Keywest. O’Rourke enjoyed touring with Walking On Cars because he knows them well personally, he said he knew them when only two people would go to their gig and will always support them.

I saw Scoops performing live at The Grand Social as the support act for Keywest in December but there was only two of them playing on stage (the two Stephens) because for support acts the venue only want a solo acoustic performer or maximum two piece. O’Rourke said: “we are willing to do that because it’s any way to get our music out there.”

Scoops launched their EP in Whelan’s on the 21st of January. Kevin said it was a massive night for the band and he was overwhelmed by the support. He said he was blown away as he walked out on stage and saw the crowd. Scoops agreed that it was their best gig to date as it was so enjoyable with the crowd singing their songs and a wonderful atmosphere.

Each band member has very different musical inspirations. Cooper admires the likes of Noel Gallagher and Chris Martin because of their song writing skills and how incredibly talented they are. O’Rourke is a massive country music fan and adores Taylor Swift (I was surprised too.) He is a great admirer of Irish based artists like Ryan Sheridan. Kevin confessed he went through a massive hip hop phase when he was younger but didn’t we all? Kevin grew up listening to the likes of The Beatles and Arctic Monkeys. The band agreed their music influences change over the years.

Scoops are down to earth, well-grounded and an absolute pleasure to interview. Keep an eye on their social media pages for tour announcements and the release of a new EP.

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