Bitmain, leading Chinese crypto mining hardware producer has released its next-generation 7nm miners, here’s a quick insight.

Both of these miners come in 2 variations.

Antminer S17 PRO has 2 models available — 53 TH/s and 50 TH/s model that feature three mining modes.

Antminer 17 Series

There 3 modes for the S17 Pro -

“Turbo mode”

The turbo mode has a power efficiency of 45 J/TH

“Normal mode”

Last but not least, The normal mode operates at 39.5 J/TH

“Low power mode”

And finally, the low power mode operates at 36 J/TH

The Antminer S17

The AntMiner S17 also comes in 2 variants, a 54 TH/s and a 50TH/s model and they have 2 modes.

“Normal mode”

With a power efficiency of…

Previous generation PM MMUs getting ready for delivery in Europe.

The main goals we set when we design our MMUs are:

  1. Mobility and scalability
  2. Maintenance convenience;
  3. Decentralized design — possibility to adapt to fit the most efficient cryptocurrency miners in the market.
  4. Creating financially viable solution.

One of the most well-known mining facility production companies in the market is The Bitfury Group. They say on their website that they are ‘the largest full-service blockchain technology company in the world’ and claim that their mining facility ‘Bitfury BlockBox AC‘ is one of the most powerful and cost-effective bitcoin mining units available on the market’. Their solution consumes a large amount of power — but does it create as equally impressive mining outcome? And are they cost-effective comparing to Power Mining’s MMU?

The Power Mining team has designed a unique ventilation system using built-in ventilation to maintain mining operations without spending extra on additional fans. The team believes that the solution is effective enough to compete with alternative offers in the market. Let’s see if the innovative approach makes any difference!

There are several crypto currency mining establishments that provide mining on a large scale. A large part of Power Mining’s competitors have their farms built right at powerhouses, which means that they are not supposed to be relocated. Only few of the competitors, however, provide transportable mining stations. …

Power Mining has built several mobile mining units and provides Antminer hosting to its clients. Hosting includes full package service and offers bulk volume discounts. Mining at home might seem like a great idea at first — but is it truly cost efficient?

Noise, heat and power outage are some of the reasons why mining at home might become inconvenient straight away. In addition, the retail power supply that is used in ordinary households usually has a limited performance and can’t support too many running Antminers without facing electrical overload. Let’s see how much it would cost to run various…

The new Mobile Mining Unit (MMU) presents the newest model in the Power Mining MMU family. The MMU is constructed to use the Antminers built-in ventilation technology to maintain air circulation in the facility. It works by sucking in cold air, which is then transformed into hot air and pushed out through the other sidewall of the MMU. The inner wall that cuts the MMU in half, also ensures that the two air flows don’t mix.

The Latvian cryptocurrency mining company “Power Mining” unveiled their new mining space at this year’s Techchill, which brought together more than 2000 participants from 46 countries. The new “Power Mining” container is specifically designed for cryptocurrency miners, with custom built interior for optimised mining and mobility.

“Power Mining” was established by two entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency enthusiasts Kristaps Mors and Jānis Grīnbergs, who initially sought to build their own efficient mining farm. …

Power Mining

Create your own cryptocurrency mining farm! We provide custom mining containers, sell mining hardware and provide hosting for them @

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