Beta-testing Powerstream by Poweramp: Millions Of Users Streaming Their Favorite Music

Oct 29 · 2 min read

In almost ten years of Poweramp being the most powerful mobile music player, a lot has changed, and we’ve had to do our best to adapt to the things that we believe would be around longterm. One of those things that we really didn’t think would stick around, but doesn’t seem to be going away, is streaming. Seeing how unprofitable streaming as a whole is, and since we’re a small company, it didn’t make sense for us to walk down that complicated road. Now, even though we didn’t want to walk down that path, we wanted to stay committed to providing the best experience for our users, and so we had to find a solution, and we did.

Introducing, Powerstream, an HTTP streaming function that we have been testing out with our beta users. Powerstream is not like Spotify, which has a whole catalog of music available whenever you want. Instead, Powerstream allows you to stream online radio to your Poweramp player and enjoy your favorite songs while still using the most powerful mobile music player. This new feature is still being tested and improved, but the feedback has been very positive so far, so we are excited to have more users give it a go.

With that being said, we hope you all get to enjoy the new feature!


Q: Where do I get this new version?
A: Official version is available on the Play Store

Q: Is this like Spotify?
A: No, this is an internet radio streaming service

Q: Is this a new app or a new feature?
A: It’s a new feature in our App, we nicknamed it Powerstream because that made it sound cooler than HTTP streaming

Q: Does this cost extra?
A: No, even if you bought Poweramp in 2010 for $5… your $5 purchase means you get all the Poweramp updates for free.

Q: Where are all the radio on the updated app?
A: Since this is still in beta, we don’t have pre-installed radios but many of our users are already listening using their own m3u lists

Q: How does one become a beta tester for future features?
A: Join our forum ( and you’ll be able to connect with thousands of other users and get the heads up about all future updates before everyone else.

Q: Does this mean you’ll consider making an iPhone version of Poweramp?
A: F**k no! Android is the best OS, and looking at iPhone’s latest numbers, it looks like everyone is starting to agree on that fact.


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