Wearable Tech Gets a Charge with Wearable Charging Technology

Sep 14, 2016 · 2 min read



September9th 2016 NYC, NY
Lightweight, wearable battery power for outdoors is now available in an ultra-slim, battery strip.
Wearable technology definitions change all the time, but a new development by ONE POWER SYSTEMS(OPS) http://www.onepowersystem.com, a company who manufactures wearable power technology has redefined how we should think of wearable tech, making wireless charging even more accessible and rugged.
power bank

Their latest innovation is called EXO CHARGE, an ultra-lightweightwearable battery strip, available in a wide range of sporty colors to suit the fitness and outdoors enthusiast. Elegantly designed to besleek and flexible, the modular strip attaches magnetically to their other wearable tech gear, including OPS POWERWEARapparel for running, cycling, skiing and other high adrenaline sports.

“Athletes and outdoors people are a market we feel a great affinity to. They use a lot of GPS and motion tracking gear, smart devices for tracking runs, listening to music on the go, and sharing achievements with friends. We feel their frustration at being late for the gym or deflated during a run because they couldn’t find a charger or their battery ran out midway through their workout. Let’s face it, it’s always more fun to have some background music and be able to track your stats!”

The brand is all about fun, as their products look similar to what you might expect to see on Iron Man. The company founders are comprised of two engineering students James D. Grabow Jr., and Michael Hamfeldt and their mentor; electronics engineer and project manager Steve Woodruff. The three decided they wanted to challenge the way we think about powering our devices and launched the company with funding fromprivate investors and their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

There is no doubt that EXO CHARGE is indeed going to be a revolutionary change in the way our mobiles are charged. The team at ONE POWER SYSTEMS is passionate about wearable power and is set to storm the world with some of the best wearable gadgets ever.

portable battery

Note to Media:

Get more information about EXO CHARGE and the story behind it at the official site: http://www.onepowersystem.com or email: info@onepowersystem.com


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