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With the price volatility of crypto-assets, many digital asset hodlers want to diversify their investment portfolio to unlock additional returns and stabilize values somewhat. …

To sell or not to sell, is the ever-present question with crypto, especially when your business needs capital to expand. Combining two financial tools can let you have your cake and eat it too. Over-The-Counter or OTC trading is a staple of cryptocurrency tools. When combined with a cryptocurrency back loan it creates very useful access liquidity to deploy capital and preserve the future value of the crypto.

In this article, we discuss a broad summary of OTC transactions and explain what it is and how we use that service to help miners grow their business. We also introduce Power…

Bitmining Market in Florida

Innovation, Investing, Opinion, Regulation | June 10, 2019

By: Dominic Hrabe, Co-Founder of EVOLV Events, Published in Block Tribune

Venezuela has fallen into a state of socio-economic decline since the advent of Hugo Chavez’s presidency. The country had relied heavily on its oil revenue, making it inevitably susceptible to the market. When oil prices plummeted five years ago, the whole country suffered, dipping into economic depression.

The country has declined into a state of hyperinflation since 2014, reaching an all-time high of 2,688,670 percent in January of 2019.

Over the next few weeks Power Block will start to share expert knowledge for finding cheap electricity for miners. We will begin with a webinar Dec. 13th, https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6808971333120660482 … and more details will be shared in a series post and blogs here on Medium POWER BLOCK.

Read the release here www.businessinsider.com

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