Incredible Features and Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring Auckland

Dec 2, 2019 · 2 min read


The main features of Engineered Wood Flooring Auckland are customized design, pattern, dimension, and layout patterns. It can be made of oak, maple, cherry, or other woods. The most important elements of the wood are ply, thickness, and finishing factors. You may opt for single or multiple-ply depending on the load. The thickness of every play can also vary based on your usage pattern. The finishing depends on the place you install (living room, dining room, office, etc).

Engineered Wood for Home — Layered for Comfort

Engineered Wood Flooring Auckland is made of multiple layers that have various density factors. The sliced layers can be of same wood species or different. Every layer is pressed and processed using high-tech machines for ensuring

· Resistance to elements

· Load bearing capacity

· Aesthetics

· Durability

The layers can be soft, medium, or high-density wood that is glued to form the solid piece. Stacking, cutting, and shaping are the three main procedures that determine the longevity and load-bearing factors of wood flooring NZ.

Wood Species for Floor — Beauty and Durability Factors

Selection of Engineered hardwood flooring NZ can be based on the specific purpose it has to serve in your home and business establishment. For example, you can consider structural stability as a key factor. It should have a load-bearing capacity without warping or getting brittle.

The top surface of the floor can be open to liquid spills, foot traffic, and maintenance procedures. It should be resistant to them without losing their brightness and texture. Sometimes you may wish to install floor heating systems above the wooden flooring. It should reflect maximum radiant heat to the interiors without letting it leak to the subfloor.

Engineered floors can enhance the aesthetic features of your home interiors. It can be in the form of multicoloured tiles having unique designs and patterns. Cross-sections at the sides can make installations easy and fast. You may also choose to glue the individual wooden tiles.

Fitment between tiles should be tight enough to prevent seeping of water and other liquids into the subfloor. At the same time, it should allow free air circulation if you plan to install a radiant heating system.

Engineered Floor — Performance Parameters

Performance of the engineered floor is stated to be for long term usage for light to moderate foot traffic. It can be flexible for personalization of

· Designs and patterns

· Colours

· Comfort and pleasant factors

· Aesthetics

Engineered wood is easy to clean and maintain. You can wash, mop, and use the vacuum for cleaning without any hassles. The wood is resistant to scratches and wear that may result from constant foot traffic.

The aesthetics of engineered wood may make it more attractive than having a carpet covering. The intricate designs, textures, and patterns can enhance the interior decor factors for your home and office.


Engineered Wood Flooring Auckland has plenty of aesthetics, application, and durability features for your residential and commercial interiors. You can choose the dimension, type and design based on your specific needs.


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