Onboard - Blockchain Studio: Honors and Awards

At onboard.one we’re dedicated to making exceptional blockchain products. Our drive doesn’t stop; it continues outside the projects and clients we work with. Our team members routinely gives back to the community by entering blockchain themed development competitions.

We’re very proud to share the following honors & awards. They’re ordered by date, and we’ll update this post as new awards are issued.

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Finalist — Liquidapps / Virtual Hackathon

Nov 2019, Dapp Network

Project: Fundex — https://medium.com/the-liquidapps-blog/the-dapp-network-hackathon-was-epic-here-is-part-1-of-our-recap-b7dd7017f51b

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Finalist — EOS.IO Blockchain / London Hackathon

Sep 2018, Block.one

Project: Wings — https://youtu.be/sGntXiVnRjg?t=2620

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1st Place — Coinbase / Global Blockchain Hackathon

Mar 2014, Coinbase, Inc.

Project: Coinplanter — https://blog.coinbase.com/announcing-the-coinbase-bithack-winners-600009958387

* We’re very proud of our honors & awards — as well as the issuers. It’s important to note that any award or honor given to one of us does not imply endorsement by the issuer.

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