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Constant Voltage Transformer main role is to provide constant voltage. Constant Voltage Transformers is introduced in order to be tackled the minutest disturbance in the mains voltage line. whereas in Ordinary Transformer,Both Primary and secondary windings are wound near each other so that whenever there is a change of voltage across the primary there will be corresponding changes in the secondary voltage also where it depends upon the ratio of the turns on the two windings. Constant voltage transformers will differ from other transformers in respect to the input voltage the output voltage will also remain constant.

Working Principle

The CVT is simply a magnetic transformer of a special construction that has a capacitor connected across the secondary winding of the transformer.Constant Voltage Transformer is performed through two essential operations, namely boost and buck operations.During under voltage condition,boost operation will increases the voltage to a rated level,while during buck operation it reduces the voltage level during over voltage condition.

Salient Features

  • Stabilizer, Spike Suppressor, Line Filter, Isolation Transformer ALL IN ONE.
  • Built-in Short Circuit and Overload Protection.
  • No interruption at output for small duration line interruptions.
  • Built-in Spike, Surge and RFI Suppression.
  • No electrical noise, as no moving parts or semi-conductors are used.


Input Voltage : 170V — 270V (50Hz)

Output Voltage : 220V/230V +/- 2%

Correction Time : Less than 40 Milliseconds

Output wave form : Sinewave, THD less than 5%

Efficiency : Better than 80% at rated load

Energy storage : 3 msecs


Superior Voltage Regulation

Sag Mitigation

Ride-through capability

Current Limiter

Isolation from Surges

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