Impeccability to the word


I have read “The four agreements”, by Don Miguel Ruiz, over and over again.

Right now I feel that no book has ever been so important to me as this one. After participating in Pernillas magical soulful living group and listening to “Embracing change”, by Louise L Hay it has taken me two years to take the next steps.

It has truly been a strange year. Rubbing my eyes. Trying to move my body. But feeling numb and lost. And very, very tired.

I really do have the feeling of having had a really hard time hearing the alarm, and maybe even harder to actually wake up. Now I have at least dragged myself up, taken the bus, and finally I found my seat in school. I sit here with open eyes and I work hard to understand.

It takes me up. It brings me down. It makes me cry like I have never cried. It makes me laugh like I have never laughed. I feel alive. I more often feel connected.

I still have so much work to do. I am aware that I am not even aware of all the work that I have to do. But I do know this:

  • I have so many people to forgive.
  • There’s so much to ask for forgiveness for.
  • I will learn to be impeccable to my word.
  • I will learn to not take anything personal.
  • I will learn not to assume anything.
  • I will start doing loving actions to my own body, I truly need to learn to love my body.

And I will always do my best. Nothing less, and nothing more.

I do this, and stop believing you, me and anyone else, and just trust the truth, because I feel it in the heart that this is the only way to live.

I have thought that I am here to save the world. That is so naive. How could I even believe that? How could I not se that the world does not need to be saved?

It is me who needs to be saved.

When I needed her most, my teacher arrived. I love her dearly, she is really guiding me through all this. Her name is Filippa and she must have been an angel before she entered this life on earth. I am so greatful to have her on my side as I do all this hard work.

Already I have realised one very important thing. And that is the necessity of asking friends for help. I had no idea that was possible. I thought that being needy would scare people off. It’s not that I have kept things to myself, but it has been more of telling people theories of my thoughts than investigating questions together with a friend. The later is just what I have recently started to do with my dear dear friend Malin.

We channel so much wisdom through Whats App I think maybe we are doubling that companys value.