Day 2 : and I woke up singing ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’. So much of how I feel on the inside, expresses itself through music, so it’s only apt that any inner guidance I receive, while I sleep, also comes through the song that’s stuck in my head. It’s only been a day’s worth of working on my manifestation process, but I feel the rush that comes from knowing what I want, and knowing that I am closer to receiving it, than I was a day before. There’s a certain shift on the inside, and on the outside, I keep seeing these messages that talk about having faith, and staying undeterred.

A small miracle did occur last night. From where we had both broken off with so much rancor, we started off on an even keel again, like we once used to be, as friends, close friends, before the roller-coaster of emotions got in between. This is making me really happy right now, because the firmest foundation to love, stems from a strong friendship, from comfort and ease with each other, from sharing everything big and trivial, from being as we are knowing that we are accepted and we are loved. See, it’s circular, friendship runs back to love. So, I am happy that we’re who we are, and as we are, for now, because the road ahead, is better paved, and a much easier journey.

Here’s to miracles, step by step, day by day, and to us!