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Hash Power
Apr 13, 2018 · 5 min read

HashPower, the First Hash Power Trading Platform Has Come Into Being !

Nowadays, there are lots of news to points out that in Mar.26th, Russian dignitaries includes the President of the State Duma of Russia, Vyacheslav Volodin have submitted an additional bill about “digital financial assets” to allow digital assets become a method of paying conditionally and ask the Russian Federation to admit the legitimacy of digital currency.

Since last year, actions have been taken by China, US and Japan to resist the overrunning in digital encryption currency market.But, what exactly it is to let Russian government change its negative attitude and admit this newly-born market positively? The reason behind it is thought provoking.

Owing to its positive attitude, Hashpower, a decentralized global hash power sharing platform has come into being in Russia’s stable political situation.

With the digital encryption currency market (like BitCoin)coming into public’s view, especially the gradually bigger scale of the market, more and more investigators are turning their eyes to the mining industry.

Hash power is an important method of gaining digital currency by using resource to mine digital currency. Mining means a way of getting Token by technical skills. But what’s the relationship between Hashpower and mining?

Since the mining cost for ordinary people is becoming higher and higher, the global hash power industry tends to a kind of centralization management.Seeing this kind of developing tendency, the team of Hashpower is going to use the rich experience of running its own mine and integrate global superior resource to develop new mining hash power based on the mine power which we have right now and try to use as less resource cost as we can to make bigger value while improving users’ mining experience.

To cater for some pain points, and Russia’s stable political situation, Hashpower speed up the project process and plan to establish a ecological assets system composed by mining machine producer, mine, hash power trading platform and community aiming at a strong decentralized global hash power sharing platform and provide strong hash power support to block chain, big data and AI industry.During the process of the project, HPC digital assets is a key part to connect hash power trading platform with users. It not only can be used to buy various mining goods like trusteeship services, cloud hash power good and so on, but also can be used to trade in major digital assets exchanges.

Three major advantages of Hashpower

Bringing the big giants in the industry together

All the member of Hashpower are the big giants in digital asset investigating, mining management and media public relationship industry.The founder of Hashpwer, Ray Wu is an investigation expert in Australia and the early investigators in encryption digital assets.The Chief Operation Officer is a member Hungary Blockchain research center.The Mining Farm Operation Director Vladimir, the Electric Power Engineer Vasily, the Data Room Designer Sergey are all the outstanding one in their industry.

The Strong Partner of Hashpower

Hashpower has made a cooperative relationship of ELBRUS, which is the biggest enterprise in the state of Chuvashia, Russia.ELBRUS is a comprehensive company which owns manufacturing, service, trading and real estate. It has the biggest mine crushing factory in Russia and the 9th biggest pressing machine factory and elevator factory in Russia.There is no doubt that the strength of ELBRUS can provide strong economic resources to achieve the global arrangement of mining machines and build a global hash power trading platform.

Owing to the biggest company in Chuvashia it is, and the concentrated factories it owns, it has a large number of gas quota.Consequently, it can provide stable and cheap electricity and do good to Hashpower’s long-term development by building its own gas station.It is easy to say that ELBRUS can support Hashpower enormously by the resource and economic help. What’s more, ELBRUS has a good relationship with the state government for long time and it is also good for the team of Hashpower to establish a long-term and stable relationship to the government.

ELBRUS not only make use of its connection to lay a solid foundation for Hashpower’s global mining machines arrangement but also lay a foundation for building a stable and more long-term relationship to the government. So, the joining of ELBRUS will bring countless possibility to the future of Hashpower.

The Obvious Policy Advantage

It was reported on Mar.26th that Russian Federation Parliament has passed a bill on digital currency and mining industry which ensure the legality of digital currency, 1CO and mining industry in Russia.

It was in the year of 2017 that Russian Central Bank agreed to establish first legal digital currency exchange Voskhod and increase the subsidies of the electricity price of mining.At the same time, governmental officials were promoting the legalization of digital currency intentionally in many cases. If the bill is passed by State Duma, it may go into effect in May 1st , 2018. Under the unsatisfactory condition of global digital currency, Russia must be the leader of this industry with the support of regulations and laws.

The born and development of a project can not leave the common effect by great timing, geographical convenience and great cooperation.The reason why Hashpower keeps unique in this chaotic industry is that Hashpower does not rely on the times or convenience merely but the great cooperation by teamwork and partnerships.Hashpwer must have a bright future with the help of them.

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